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Yamaha NS-B500 garso kolonėlė

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145.00 EUR

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Sound to fire the imagination
Bookshelf speakers that provide stunning performance even as main speakers

Spacious, dimensional sound from the DC-Diaphragm tweeter
Using precision manufacturing technology, the voice coil for the tweeter Is wrapped directly over the aluminum-magnesium alloy diaphragm.
This design delivers increased amounts of sound information for smooth reproduction over an exceptionally wide sound spectrum.

A-PMD cone and solid rubber surround for deeply satisfying sound
The woofer utilizes Yamaha's unique A-PMD together with a solid rubber surround.
In conjunction with the large-diameter magnet structure, this assures rich, satisfying reproduction of mid-range and bass.

Non-magnetic shielded for clear initial sound
The entire unit is non-shielded, achieving impressively clear initial sound without distortion from magnetic shielding circuits.

Quality cabinet construction to assure reliable sound
Thanks to Yamaha's traditional expertise in cabinetry, starting with its three-way mitered joint construction, sound quality is natural and consistent.
The higher you turn the volume, the more impressed you'll be with the rich, clear sound from these compact units.

Vieta Back
Tipas 2-Way Acoustic Suspension Speaker System
Varža 6 Ohms
Atkuriami dažniai 50 Hz - 50 kHz
Nominalinė galia 30 W
Maksimali galia 120 W
Jautrumas 84 dB
Krosoverio jautrumas 4.2 kHz
Žemų dažnių garsiakalbiai 12 cm Advanced PMD cone
Aukšto dažnio garsiakalbiai 3 cm aluminium dome with DC-Diaphragm™
Spalvos Black, Brown, Rosewood
Išmatavimai 190 mm x 284 mm x 177 mm
Svoris 3.50 kg
Garantija 24 mėn
  • NS-B500