Oregon Scientific BAR220 weather station

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29.90 EUR
69.90 EUR

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  • Color dance adds movement to weather icons and gives your living environment a chic look
  • Displays indoor/outdoor temperatures
  • Touch control technology – conveniently toggles the display with light tap
  • Dimmer function for display and weather icon brightness adjustment on 2 levels to suit individual preferences
  • Precise time-keeping with radio controlled clock reception
  • Display LED, Illuminated icons
    Radio controlled time DCF-77 signal: within 1500 km (932 miles) of Frankfurt (Germany)
    Indoor thermometer Yes
    Outdoor thermometer 1 channel: 1 x Oregon Scientific THN132N (Thermo) included
    Digital barometer Weather forecast icons
    Humidity None
    Anemometer None
    Calendar None
    Alarm clock None
    Weather forecast icons Sunny, Cloudy, Rainy
    Power supply AC-DC Adapter 6V
    2 x CR2032 batteries (for back-up)
    Dimensions 100 mm x 195 mm x 70 mm
    Weight 1.00 kg
    Warranty 12 mon.